Supporting Dreams, Building Community

Community Programs

Empowering Youth Through Wrestling and Customized Academic Support

Beat the Streets Baltimore is dedicated to enriching the lives of students in the Baltimore Metropolitan area through our comprehensive after-school programs. By partnering with local school districts, we provide a supportive environment that combines the physical rigor of wrestling with individualized academic support, fostering well-rounded development in our students.

Our Approach

Holistic Development Our program is designed to help students excel both on and off the mat. We use wrestling as a tool to engage students, encouraging them to develop discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Simultaneously, our customized academic support ensures each student receives the help they need to succeed in school.

Each student in our program benefits from the guidance of both an academic interventionist and a wrestling coach. This dual-mentorship approach provides:

Physical Fitness

Wrestling Coaching: Our experienced wrestling coaches offer comprehensive training that enhances physical fitness, wrestling techniques, and sportsmanship. They also serve as mentors, helping students navigate the challenges of school and life, and instilling values such as discipline, respect, and perseverance.

Academic Support

1:1 Academic Interventions: Our academic interventionists work closely with students to identify their unique academic challenges and provide targeted support. Through personalized tutoring sessions, they help students improve their understanding of core subjects, develop effective study habits, and achieve their educational goals.

About the Program

Beat the Streets (BTS) organizes year around wrestling programs to improve the life trajectories of Baltimore City student-athletes through the skills acquired by participating in amateur wrestling. We believe wrestling fosters an uncommon combination of character traits leading to enhanced social and personal development, and ultimately, better life outcomes in the youth we serve.

Program Highlights

Wrestling Training

  • Skill Development: Students of all skill levels are welcome. Our experienced coaches provide training that enhances physical fitness, wrestling techniques, and sportsmanship.
  • Competition: Students have the opportunity to compete in local and regional wrestling meets, building confidence and resilience.

Academic Support

  • Tutoring and Mentoring: We offer individualized tutoring sessions and mentoring to help students with their academic challenges.
  • Workshops and Enrichment: Our programs include workshops on various topics, from study skills to college readiness, ensuring students are prepared for future success.

Community and Leadership

  • Building Character: Our programs emphasize core values such as integrity, accountability, and excellence. These values are integral to both wrestling and personal development.
  • Leadership Opportunities: Students can take on leadership roles within the program, helping to build a sense of responsibility and community.