Promising Student-Athletes: Spotlight on Bradley Alexander

Welcome to the Beat the Streets Baltimore blog, where we shine a spotlight on our promising student-athletes who are making a difference both on and off the mat. Today, we are proud to introduce you to Bradley Alexander, a dedicated wrestler and exemplary student.

Meet Bradley Alexander

Bradley Alexander is not just a talented wrestler; he’s a true embodiment of what it means to be a student-athlete. As an 8th grader in the Beat the Streets Baltimore program, Bradley has shown exceptional dedication to his sport and his academics.

Wrestling Achievements

Bradley’s journey with Beat the Streets began when he joined the program as a freshman. Since then, he has grown into a formidable competitor on the mat. Here are some of his notable achievements:

  • Maryland Junior Wrestling League (MJWL): Bradley placed in the MJWL, demonstrating his skill and determination.
  • Maryland Atlantic Wrestling Association (MAWA) Nationals: Bradley’s hard work earned him a placement at the MAWA Nationals, where he competed against some of the best wrestlers in the region.
  • Local and National Competitions: Bradley regularly competes in wrestling competitions both locally and nationally, showcasing his talent and gaining valuable experience.
  • Team Leader: Bradley’s leadership extends beyond his performance. He is known for motivating his teammates and helping new members acclimate to the rigorous demands of wrestling.
Academic Excellence

Bradley’s academic journey is equally impressive, particularly in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Here’s a detailed look at his accomplishments in these subjects:

  • Honor Roll Student: Bradley consistently earns a spot on the honor roll, reflecting his dedication to his studies. His commitment to academics has been a key factor in his success.
  • ELA Proficiency: With personalized support and targeted interventions, Bradley has significantly improved his ELA skills. He excels in reading comprehension, writing, and critical analysis, often receiving high marks on essays and projects. This year, Bradley achieved an impressive 3.7-year improvement in ELA.
  • Math Achievements: Bradley’s proficiency in Math has also seen remarkable growth. He tackles complex mathematical concepts with confidence, consistently achieving top scores in his Math classes and standardized tests. This year, Bradley improved by 1.6 years in Math.