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Welcome to Beat the Streets-Baltimore Summer Programs are a transformative experience for students in grades 3-12. Designed to foster personal growth, academic success, and physical fitness, our summer camp is not just a place to learn and grow—it’s a community where young minds are prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

Current Locations

Register to participate in the summer wrestling camp serves local youth, and student-athletes in grades 3-12. BTS summer camps will provide a safe and healthy environment with enriching activities that will help students develop both academically and socially

Everyone grows when they train together.

The Beat the Streets Wrestling Program of Baltimore is committed to providing a positive environment that nurtures physical and mental development through wrestling, mentoring, and tutoring programs.

Dates: July 1st - August 1st
Days: Monday - Thursday
Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Locations: Various across Baltimore

Baltimore City Public School (BCPS) Students: $50 Lab Fee

Non-BCPS Students: $215 per week

Program Offerings

Our summer camp offers a robust wrestling program designed to foster athletic excellence and personal growth. Participants will receive expert coaching from a team of experienced trainers, including collegiate-level wrestlers, who bring a wealth of knowledge and competitive insights to our program. Our wrestling programming is tailored to cater to a range of skill levels, ensuring that each participant can progress at their own pace in a supportive and challenging environment. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced wrestler aiming to sharpen your skills, our program is designed to help you achieve your athletic goals.

  • Skill Enhancement: The wrestling program focuses on refining technique and improving overall athletic performance. Our coaches cover a wide range of skills, from basic maneuvers for beginners to advanced techniques for more experienced wrestlers.
  • Fitness and Conditioning: A key component of our program is physical conditioning. Wrestlers will engage in specialized workouts that enhance strength, agility, endurance, and flexibility, crucial for both wrestling success and overall health.
  • Discipline and Mental Toughness: Wrestling is as much a mental sport as it is physical. Our coaches emphasize discipline, focus, and mental resilience, teaching wrestlers how to maintain composure under pressure and develop a strong competitive mindset.
  • Learning from College Wrestlers: Participants have the unique opportunity to learn directly from college-level wrestlers. These sessions not only provide insight into advanced wrestling techniques but also offer valuable lessons about sportsmanship, dedication, and the path to collegiate athletics.
  • Competitive Experience: The program includes simulated match situations and real competitions, allowing participants to apply their skills in a controlled, competitive environment. This not only helps improve their technique but also gives them a taste of wrestling at a higher level of competition.

Join us this summer for an experience that will not only enhance your summer but also prepare you for a future of success and innovation.

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