Summer Camps

The Beat the Streets Wrestling Program of Baltimore is committed to providing a positive environment that nurtures physical and mental development through wrestling, mentoring, and tutoring programs.

Summer Camps



Register to participate in the summer wrestling camp serves local youth, and student-athletes in grades 2-12. BTS summer camps will provide a safe and healthy environment with enriching activities that will help students develop both academically and socially. 


Beat the Streets – Baltimore, a nonprofit that uses the sport of wrestling as a way to mentor to young students, has organized free three-week camps for elementary and middle school students and a free five-week camp for high school youthworks students. The summer camp offers amateur wrestling, math development and STEM research for Baltimore City Public High School students.

Summer Camp Mission

The Beat the Streets-Baltimore STEM/Wrestling camp’s mission is to provide a demanding and competitive learning experience for youth in Baltimore Public Schools. The camp seeks to inspire and to prepare the next generation of youth to live healthy lifestyles, enter higher education, and to develop positive characteristics that are necessary for success in life.

Summer Camp Vision

Our vision is to provide an enriching experience for student-athletes by introducing students to a mentally and physically challenging, hybrid program that combines STEM research and amateur wrestling.

Camp Information

From July 10th – August 5th, BTS will host three-week and five-week summer wrestling camp for local youth, student-athletes, rising grades 2-12. BTS summer camps will provide a safe and healthy environment with enriching activities that will help students develop both academically and socially. In this proposal, we will provide an hourly camp schedule from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm that includes two wrestling sessions, math class, STEM project-based learning, as well as a healthy lunch.

Hourly Camp Schedule

8:30 am – 9:00 am      Arrival and Breakfast
9:00 am – 10:30 am      Wrestling Session 1
10:30 am – 10:45 am      Break
10:45 am – 11:45 am      Math Class
11:45 am – 12:25 pm      Lunch
12:30 pm – 1:25 pm      STEM Project Development
1:30 pm – 3:00 pm      Wrestling Session 2
3:00 pm – 3:30 pm      Special Guest Speaker/Student Reflections

Wrestling Sessions

The morning wrestling session will focus on learning fundamental wrestling techniques, while the afternoon wrestling session will focus on drilling (used repetition to develop fluency and mastery of the techniques learned in the morning, in particular scenarios) and live competitions. The wrestling sessions will provide students with an opportunity to develop their skills in a fun and engaging way. The wrestling sessions also promote healthy lifestyles, including safe exercise habits, by encouraging students to be physically active and mindful about their personal health and development.

Boosting Math Identity and Skills

Our standards-aligned math classes, designed by City Schools educators, focus on reinforcing essential concepts and strengthening skills learned during the school year. Students will participate in engaging math activities that aim to make learning math fun and interactive. With our approach, students will quickly discover that math can be enjoyable, rather than a dreaded subject. By providing this program to students outside of the school year, we aim to assist students in holding onto the knowledge gained throughout the academic year.

Partnering with, The Ryan Institute, LLC a full service academic support company that prepares scholars from birth to college, for global competition through academic enrichment, character education, and the arts in order to stabilize communities.

Founded in 2012, they provide academic support in the following areas:

  • 1 on 1 tutoring
  • Small group tutoring
  • Standardize Test Prep
  • PARCC, ISEE, HSPT, ACT, SAT, Praxis, etc.
  • Professional Development
  • Enrichment Programming
  • Curriculum Design
  • Parent/Student Advocacy
  • Coaching
STEM Project

BTS is the only wrestling camp in the area that offers a hybrid program that includes STEM research, health management and academic development. Our founder is a Morgan State University graduate and former chemist, who has facilitated extensive applied STEM research learning opportunities (in collaboration with NSF, NASA, and other STEM agencies) for Baltimore City students through BTS over the past decade. The focus of our summer program is to link resources from Education Resources Centers to the K-12 methods teacher education curriculum.  BTS and Morgan State University have collaborated to develop a framework for STEM teaching and learning experiences. Each camper will create a video of their experience and these activities will be followed-up and linked to the 2023 Innovation and Design Competition with other Beat the Streets Wrestling programs. The competition will be held at Digital Harbor High School on August 5th.

Healthy Meals

We consistently encourage a strong understanding of the importance of good nutrition for lifelong learning and wellbeing. We will provide a healthy lunch to all our students. We will ensure the meals provided during the program are nutritious. Our aim is not only to nourish students’ bodies but also to provide an opportunity for students to learn about living health lifestyles.

Skills Celebration

At the end of the program, campers will participate with peers from other schools in a closing, friendly competition to demonstrate the skills they have developed, and to reinforce good sportsmanship. This tournament will provide students with the opportunity to showcase their wrestling skills, and the winning team will receive recognition for their hard work. This tournament will not only motivate the students to push harder during the summer camp but will also enhance their competitive spirit. The tournament will be held at Digital Harbor High School on August 5th.

Community Programs

We offer a full range of Education and Community Engagement programs.
BTS-Bmore is dedicated to providing resources for their coaches.

As the coach you set the tone for the BTS student-athletes. And in order for you to do the work that is required to shape the minds of the student-athletes proper tools are needed. Below are links to resources. We will continue to add to the resources available.

Leadership Skills

We identify the children’s interests and encourage their participation in group activities. Participating in sports or community activity teaches valuable lessons about teamwork and commitment.

After School Programs

Kids achieve more, productivity goes up, and risky behaviors go down. BTS offers after-school programs in Baltimore to keep kids safe, boost student success.


Beat the Streets – Baltimore (BTS) has developed summer camp opportunities that continue to utilize the sport of wrestling as a hook to develop students’ personal, academic, and social skills, while also incorporating relevant, 21st Century financial knowledge and skills through engaging, cutting edge learning experiences.

Mental Health Mentoring

Mentoring can provide easy access to supportive relationships with caring adults when they are in need. They also may provide a positive relationship that could act as a corrective emotional experience.


We are dedicated to providing our students with supplemental tutoring services so that they can catch up to grade level in both math and English language arts.
We provide a range of study support services, including a dedicated Personal Tutor, extensive online resources and supportive staff who can help the children gain the skills they need to need to do well in the classroom. Our support services is one of the reasons that our students thrive.



Beat the Streets


The mission of BTS is to provide disadvantaged youth with a positive environment that nurtures physical and mental development through wrestling, mentoring, and tutoring programs. Our goal has been to develop a network of BTS program sites throughout the Baltimore area’s underserved communities.